OneDrive Won’t Start: FIXED!

I thought I already wrote about this one, but it seems I forgot!

For the 2nd time already, after a major Windows update (one of those, which happens every half year, or a quarter), my corporate machine loses its OneDrive “abilities”.
What happens is every time when I start any OneDrive executable, it “flashes” for a second in the tray, and then exits.
When looking with Process Explorer, I can see that there’s a bunch of activity there from the executable, and then a normal exit, not even a crash.

The first time when I observed this, both I and my fellow IT could not find a solution, so I had to do a “hard restore” of the machine, and then never install that update. This, however, worked only for a while, because 9 months later I needed to install the latest update anyway.

When I did, it again broke OneDrive. But reverting was not an option anymore.

We dug deep into the issue, invested a few hours into it. And when we were almost on the verge “let’s reinstall, we’ll never solve it,” we suddenly found the fix in the Office Support Web Site. The article was named “OneDrive won’t start” (duh), and it explains the reason.

It seems, Windows Update subsystem requires, and Microsoft implemented, a Registry key, which instructs OneDrive to quit immediately if this key is set to “1”. During the update process, something, somewhere, rises up that setting, and then either crashes or forgets to set it back. As a result, no OneDrive will (ever) start, until that key is up.

When I found the article, I immediately checked the key:


DisableFileSyncNGSC = DWORD:1

In order to make OneDrive alive again, I had to delete the key, or set it to “0”.

Since today I had absolutely the same experience with the next large Windows update, I decided to put this article on my blog, mostly for my own reference in the future :).

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