Milestone Systems is Looking for Vendor(s)

I rarely use my blog as a platform to find partners or recruit people in my team. However, it happens from time to time, and today is one example for that.

milestone-logo_tagOur mother company, Milestone Systems A/S, is rapidly expanding in a growing markets! In order to cope with the current demands, we are now are in an urgent need of a vendor(s) in Bulgaria, which can provide us with development and test services, delivered by his consultants, within the following areas:

  • Web developer(s) – with skill set: 3+ years of web development experience, strong JavaScript skills, new elements introduced in HTML5, XML, WebSockets, File API, History management, Local Storage, and Canvas 2D drawing.
  • Software QA(s) – with skill set: 3+ years’ experience, manual/functional testing, multiplatform products (e.g. Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android), TCP/IP, HTTP, XML and Web Browser-based testing.
  • Senior C++ developer(s) – with skill set: C++ (large scale multithreading environments), multiplatform product development, TCP/IP, HTTP, design patterns.

Sufficient/Good English skills is a requirement due to cross-country team. We foresee a growing need for additional consultants in Q4 2013/Q1 2014.

All candidates will work at our Sofia office, located on 23A Dragan Tzankov blvd., Sofia. We will provide all necessary tools and infrastructure.

If you or others in your network know of good vendors or consultants, or a company which can provide them, please contact me at DAA-at-MILESTONESYS-dot-COM, or via comment in this blog, or directly, if you know my contacts. Detailed Job Description documents can be provided on demand. All vendor consultants will pass an interview(s) within our development and test teams in order to ensure they skills and expertise are suitable for the projects in mind.