Five Ways to Find Subjects for My Daily Writing

I’m a long-term fan of a service that “pushes” you to write at least 750 words daily. (Unfortunately) It does not have a free subscription, but it’s not awfully expensive as well, so if one’s passion for having someone remind them about writing, it’s pretty okay for this.

As a long-term user, I do have a few achievements there, the biggest of which is my 1000+ days streak, which means there’s not been a day where I forgot to do my writing (actually, there was one, but thankfully there’s this “streak protection,” which one can activate for such sad or technical mishaps).

When I brag (as I am proud of it 🙂 ), I often get the question, “But how do you find a daily subject for your writing? How do you manage to find what to write about?” Since I gave that answer a couple of times, I decided to blog about it too, e.g., for future reference.

One: Your Daily Journal

Yes, that’s the “lamest” one. You can journal your day and daily thoughts. Journal these for yourself, or start a blog. There’re plenty of platforms today (here’s one of them!) where you can spread your wisdom or just amuse others with your life.

I found that for me dumping out the daily pressure and ranting helps me calm down, look at the problem from a “meta-perspective,” and get a better understanding of it. It’s like therapy (actually, quite a few people do it as a therapy). So it’s two birds with one stone: your writing gets better, and you get more “zen.”

Two: Your view pоint on important news or political article

I am apolitical. I’m sure many of my friends laughed after they read that, but it’s true: I do not have a party that could represent my right-libertarian values.

However, this gives me a lot of grounds to write about all that’s going on in politics. Or in general in society. About how we give up our freedom or how politicians (gladly) take it away. About how the taxes (in Bulgaria) are major theft. About the hypocrisies of all current politicians.

Exposing these brings me a lot of fun. Of course, it may make a few friends like you less, so do that at your own risk!

Three: Write a Quora answer or two

If you don’t have Quora account, you’re missing the party! Register there and put your skills to use!

You’ll start getting answer requests based on the topics you choose to follow. Or you can search for interesting questions and add answers to these. It’s a great way to practice your writing and help others simultaneously.

Four: When someone asks for help – give it in full writing

I understand this is a bit like the previous one, but it’s not focused on a specific platform. Because you can do that on any medium, including e-mail.

If someone asks you for help – be there in full. Describe the solution in detail, and immerse yourself into giving a hand to your friend or colleague. You may also save it for later, for example, as an article in your blog (see above).

Five: Reviews

Google Maps, Booking, Goodreads, and many more. If you finish a book – write a good, detailed review. If you visit a place – put a review out there. Be thorough. Be descriptive. People will value this. And your writing skills will increase.

All and all, for me, writing is fun. It’s good to have the skill, but like any other skill, you need to practice to develop it. It won’t happen overnight. But in time, when you do it regularly, you’ll find out that it will give you a fair amount of satisfaction.

Go and Write now!

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One thought on “Five Ways to Find Subjects for My Daily Writing

  1. The “Oblique Strategies” method is also a good creativity booster:

    There’s also an app:

    The app basically let’s you slide through a deck of cards, each containing a very short phrase or sentence, e.g.:

    – Think of the radio
    – Adding on
    – Abandon desire
    – Not building a wall but making a brick, etc.

    I first found a reference to this technique in Mark Teppo’s “Planning, Plotting, and Progress: A Guide to Building Your Novel” –

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