Goodbye, WestHost!

Finally! Last evening, at around 02:00AM, I finally had the chance to flip nameservers from WestHost to SuperHosting.

It’s been almost 2 years since I decided to throw away WestHost services. I cannot even count the number of incidents I had with them, varying from simple “No service” cases to “We have had blocked your (home) IP, because you have entered your password wrong three times”. Idiotic rules, threatening e-mails (you’re using way too much processor), etc.

Since has a lot of content, I was really afraid from the migration plan. But after migrating my main blog to Superhosting took like 30 min (the download took hours!), my hopes went high. And indeed, for less than 4 hours total (spread in 3 days), I was finally ready to flip the nameservers trigger. And I also had (back 🙂 ) all the passwords’ lists for MySQL databases, etc.

Now all should be already in place. My permalinks (finally!) work. And my blog is (finally!) loading fast.

Last but not least, I need to mention the great Superhosting support line. They were excellent. They even offered me them to do the migration, but I wanted to do it myself, for various reasons.

Let’s see now!

One thought on “Goodbye, WestHost!

  1. Браво, и ние сме доволни от SuperHosting.BG. Единствено нямат .NET 4.5, иначе всичко друго е на ниво.

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