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Long time without posting in English. Well.. that’s because I do not have that many English readers, I suppose. Or maybe it’s vice-versa: I do not have many English readers, because I post mainly in Bulgarian 🙂 ?

The story for today is about Prague cabs. The ones, which wait for you at the airport exit. And about a traveler, who does not know which exactly taxi to pick up.

I was such a traveler a week ago, when I arrived in Prague, armed with instructions from my colleagues. The instructions were pretty straight-forward:

You must call SEDOP taxi, because others will cut your head and skin you down alive.

Knowing the sad story from the past regarding Bulgarian airport robberies, also known as “getting taxi at Sofia Airport”, I decided to listen to my colleagues and go with their recommendation. I ordered SEDOP, waited about 15 minutes for it to arrive, and then it cost me about CZK 920 (around EUR 40) to get to Prague 4, where Microsoft office is. When it was time to go back, I again used SEDOP and the price was similar.

These days was my second trip to Prague for this month. I decided to experiment this time and to pick up the Airport Cars, available directly on the airport entrance. I was not only feeling lucky (but not the Goooogle way), I was also asking for price and I was promised a ride for CZK 700 for the same distance as before.

Picking up the taxi was extremely easy: they were waiting for me and I jumped inside almost immediately after leaving the airport and ensuring I know the price in advance. In the cab I discovered that if I decide to order from the same company my trip back, it will cost me 80% off the price, which makes CZK 560. Of course, I wrote the phone and a reminder to order the cab (they want to get the order at least 2 hours in advance, which totally makes sense).

The moral? Never use SEDOP for airport pickup or drop-off. I do not know how are the rest of the companies, but so far I plan to use Airport Cars mainly. Back & forth with them cost me only CZK 1260, while SEDOP took good CZK 1800 for much worse service (their cars sucked more than these ones).

Just for my (and your) future reference:

SEDOP Taxi, Prague
+420 271 722 222
+420 721 666 333
Hint: Do not use these!
Airport Cars, Prague airport taxies
+420 220 117 078
+420 220 113 892
Hint: Use them!

7 thoughts on “Prague Airport Taxies


    Язи кат глеам тука:
    Nástupní sazba25,00Kc
    1 kilometr23,90Kc
    1 minuta čekání5,00Kc

    25 крони на километър. Не знам кво е разстоянието, ма май ще ти излезе по-евтино.

  2. … така де, ние българите не могат да ни преметнат тъй лесно 😉

  3. А защо не публичен транспорт:;)Ще ти излезе никакво пари, но май командировките поемат тези разходи. Инък с рейс и после малко с метро се озоваваш където си поискаш.

  4. Public transport in Prague is one of the best in EU. About the Taxi use: “AAA”.

  5. Кола от Hertz в Прага струва около 120 евро на ден, ако нямате по-специален договор с тях, което не би трябвало да е проблем за компания като тази в която работиш 🙂 Ние спряхме да се бъзикаме с таксита от около 4 години, само в Китай е проблем, там не можеш да наемеш кола без шофьор, който вероятно те дебне къде ходиш, но пък е добре защото иначе не можеш да се оправиш.

  6. Whay do you write in English and people don´t answer in the same language?? Anyways…I exactly the same experience you had in Prague! After the first experience with SEDOP taxied, I realized it was much better and aslo cheaper to get the Airport cars!

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