Viber for Windows Phone

These days I noticed that my Viber started notifying me that quite a few of my friends from  Microsoft have joined it. When I first received the initial notification, I though “well, maybe <put_name_here> bought an Android phone or iPhone”. But when I started receiving follow-up notifications, I became suspicious and decided to check!

And indeed, on May 8th WPCentral published that since 2.1 there’s a Viber client for Windows Phone and Blackberry. Unfortunately, only the messaging services for now, but that’s much better than nothing. So these days I will install Viber for Windows Phone on Vesi‘s phone, as soonas I succeed to get it in my hands!

So far we’ve been using WhatsApp messenger, but Viber is a great tool and a lot of my friends are having only that. I’m sure Vesi will continue to prefer WhatsApp, because it’s with much better interface and messaging functions, but when Viber comes with voice, at least we’ll know.