Turning temporarily WP-Touch off…

WPTouch to JetpackWith the recent JetPack update and the no-yet-resolved-after-8-months issue around WP-Touch and displaying of the posts on Android devices, I decided to turn off WP-Touch (for now, I still hope they fix it at some point) and to rely only on JetPack for handling mobile rendering.

I have used WP-Touch for a long time (year++), I like its visuals and style (when it’s working), but I can’t accept the fact that it suffers from such severe bug and no developer is ready to step up and fix it. Yes, I know, Open Source, Free, blah blah, “this is how free software projects work” (or don’t work, in my case) but I still can’t accept it.

Please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, if you still have issue with mobile rendering of this blog.