How to fix the “Error code: 9” update problem in Microsoft Edge for MacOS

It sucks when this happens: opening Microsoft Edge Settings, going to “About” to see if I’m at the latest version, and then getting this dreadful message: "An error occurred. (Error code: 9) (Extra code: 0)."

It started appearing on my comp a week ago. Microsoft screwed up something during the auto-update.

I tried many things myself, but I failed. So, I had to go to the Technical Communities, where I found a thread on the subject.

Initially, I could only find people who could feel sympathetic but could not help. However, this morning a very bright person (thank you, yeliex!) provided the solution.

The solution is to run these two commands in the Terminal:

sudo rm -rfv /Library/LaunchDaemons/*
sudo "/Applications/Microsoft Edge Framework.framework/Versions/118.0.2088.46/Helpers/" --install --system --v=2

The way I read this: the first one removes the EdgeUpdater launch daemon, which is installed on your machine, while the other reinstalls it.

Once you run these commands and restart Edge, the error goes away!

Since some people on the thread still report they have a problem, here are my hiccups while I tried to do this:

  1. I am using a custom terminal, iTerm2. By default, the security settings do not allow non-Apple apps to change applications on the system. To enable this, one would need to allow “App Management” for the custom terminal (and restart the terminal). Without this, it won’t work!
  2. I almost gave up while waiting! Don’t give up. The second command takes its time.

Now I will fix my work Mac… which has the same problem.

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