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Pick Snooze for Calendar Event Mac

Today my work MacBook Pro upgraded to BigSur. Yes, it’s a bit too late, but this is a company policy decision, and I’m not the one to choose when/how it would happen.

BigSur looks “cooler” (compared to Catalina), and I haven’t yet seen any improvements over the previous version. However, there’s one thing, which drives me crazy already!

This extremely annoying thing is the lack of the “flexible snooze option” of the (Apple default) Calendar notifications!

In the previous version, you would invoke an in-place menu when you click and hold the Snooze button. I used this functionality very frequently, primarily the option “Snooze 1 minute before the meeting”.

How to snooze Calendar notifications on macOS Big Sur | Mid Atlantic  Consulting Blog

In BigSur, some clueless (or just incompetent) about user experience PM decided that they better remove this, making my (and many other users) life harder. If I have to do the same today, I have to do way more clicks until I find this option. And honestly: I haven’t seen it yet. I even think you were ludicrous enough to remove it altogether!

I understand it’s hard to keep everyone satisfied. But Apple, please tell me frankly: why you have to (over)simplify everything in your OS? This flexibility did not hurt anyone. It was there for the people who used it. The people, who prefer simplicity, could (and still can) just hit “Snooze.”

I submitted additional feedback on your site. I hope you have enough strive for satisfied customers so that you re-enable it. I also hope you do it ASAP!

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