Synology NAS HyperBackup “Task Suspended” Error State

The green bar stuff was not present on my Synology initially.

Synology NAS HyperBackup Task Suspended, and the associated nightmare, until I found my way to fixing the issue.

A few days ago, something happened to my HyperBackup task (saying “something” here as there was no precise error data), and ever since the result of the job was “Backup Suspended.”

On the screenshot, you’ll see another red line below the message, which I didn’t have in my initial case, but appeared when the backup was interrupted again because of a power failure.

When I went to the “Action” button, the “Resume” menu was disabled. It was apparent there was some problem, but it was not immediately clear what is the error, causing this behavior.
I spent at least 40 test minutes struggling to locate the reason for the malfunction. And finally, I found it, and I decided to share it here, for the sake of others.

If you end up in the same situation, the first thing you should check is your Version History. Go to the “Version List” menu:

It may require your archives’ password. On top of this list, you’ll see your latest, backup. In my case, this backup state was “Suspended.” There’s was recovery for this specific occasion: I had to delete it using the “x” button of this specific line.

Once I deleted it, my backup returned to an Active state, and I was able to force a new backup immediately.

Now I know the error was caused by an abrupt interruption of an ongoing backup. In my case: power failure. I wish HyperBackup developers address this situation and at least give more information to the user about the core reason, which caused the failure. And, for example, a link saying, “Check your Version History” for the last backup state. It would have saved me at least 30-40 minutes of struggle.

I hope this article would help the others, who had a similar issue, and who could not find anything in Google to address it.

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  1. I had the same problem but due to space issue on the target drive. So I made space, I deleted other files, I removed a backup version from list as you indicated, but the status would still be suspended. What fixed it was to change the schedule to in a few minutes, it completed successfully.

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