Facebooffline time

This FACEBOOK account is voluntarily suspended!


meme-2c7cOn August 25th/26th Facebook banned me for 24 hours for re-sharing a picture of cuisine art: shaped as male genitalia muffins.

A Friend or a Follower of mine reported this picture, because /s/he felt offended. And the report was considered valid, so I got banned for 24 hours. This is sole Facebook right, since this is their meat-mincer where we post, with their rights. We are all the meat there, the product being sold, so we all have to obey.

Since I was reported, it means I bothered someone. So I’d also like to apologize to the one(s), who felt offended. People are different and have different sense of humor or aesthetics, so everyone has the right to judge by his own mind, and to report whatever they find offending.

However, I also have the right to choose my reaction. And as my response to the Facebook ban, I’ll do the following:

  1. I’m moving all my virtual presence to other social networks (in this case: Twitter and Google+) for 24 weeks (that’s one week for every hour I was banned from Facebook)
    1. If you really care to read my stuff, you’re more than welcome to add me there (if not already)
    2. If you decide to stay in Facebook only, that’s your sole right and I accept it.
  2. During this time, I’ll uninstall all Facebook applications on all my devices and I’ll add facebook.com to my hosts file, pointing it to (i.e., no Facebook updates will be visible for any application).
    1. All Facebook mail in all my e-mail accounts will be reported as Junk.
    2. Any Facebook integration in this blog will be turned off. Sorry, my fellow Facebook commenters. I know it is/was more convenient for you, but Facebooffline means facebooffline everywhere! Or at least at the places and services I own. If you comment via Facebook, it means I cannot reply, and I can’t stand that 🙂
    3. I’ll try to convince the members of my family to do the same for our home network: to effectively put Facebook into oblivion, if accessed from our home network. This has very small chance of success, maybe simply because my wife is reading my blog once per month, while she’s reading Facebook 10 times per day. However, I will try it anyway.
    4. I’ll not be available to any Facebook-related messenger.
    5. If you need any Facebook-related help or advice, please look for it on another place, as Facebook does not exist for me at this time, neither do I exist for it.
  3. Most of my “status updates” will be posted on my blog instead. Since the blog is linked to Facebook, these may/will appear here too. Because of misconfiguration of the system plugin (and I don’t care anymore for fixing it, at least not for the coming 24 weeks), they’ll be visible to Facebook Friends only.
    1. If you care to follow me, please add my blog to your RSS feeder of choice (I recommend Feedly).
    2. If you were following my blog before, please be warned there’ll be more updates now, as WordPress supports the “status update” type of post, which I may decide to use.
  4. The Friends, who care to stay in touch, know my IMs. The ones who don’t are welcome to ask. Since I won’t be on Facebook for at least 24 weeks, I won’t be reachable on Facebook messenger.
  5. I accept the fact that I’m turning from one of the biggest Facebook fans in your friend list, most active Facebook users and most passionate Facebook influencer to practically zero. I’m sorry, but sometimes life sucks. So does the Indian guy, who blocked my account for a muffin’s picture. Or the sense of humor of the one, who reported it on the first place.

If the 24 weeks facebooffline trial is successful and I survive physically and mentally without Facebook, I may take decision to delete my Facebook account. Or I may decide to keep it, I have not yet decided. Or I may return as it was. I do not know yet, time will tell.

Please do not think that I feel myself like a Social Net Giant, without whom Facebook will inevitably die in flames. No, no, it’s rather the opposite. I believe the opposite: no one cares about my crappy presence there. With or without me (or every single one of you, let’s be honest) Facebook will keep existing. They’ll keep pushing their anti-penis-muffins rights to everyone and they’ll sell us even better afterwards. I, however, start to think that it’s me who’ll be much better without Facebook, so I’d like to use the today’s reason to start a therapy!

Because if I cannot keep myself out of Facebook for 24 weeks, I may really need to start a therapy, because… well… I guess you got the idea!

That’s all, Facebook folks. See you again on/around February 11th 2014… maybe! Have a nice life, everybody! (that’s the message I used to use, when I was Face-blocking someone, for good).

Image stolen (because they even forbid even normal “Save As”) from QuickMeme.com
 These people never learn!

20 thoughts on “Facebooffline time

  1. It turns out that if I point facebook.com to, two things happen:
    1. Windows Defender gets extremely angry and starts thinking that I have “potential harmful sofwtware”
    2. Facebook.Com attempts start torturing my local web server

    That’s why I decided to point it to Now I believe I’ll be fine :).

    1. You made my day! Pardon, my next 24 weeks 🙂
      I am sure you won’t regret staying away from Facebook.

  2. FB is not the same already or at least for the next 24 weeks (I hope hours/days)! And … Накогониоставяшбе 🙂

  3. Brave! And very consequent. I think I would have done the same. Congrats and good luck!

    P.S. I might as well have to consider joining Twitter or any other FB-competitor…

    1. Facebook has no real competitors.
      Twitter is very different, G+ is very unpopulated. Thus being outside Facebook have lots of negatives, but also lots of positives as well :).
      I’ll like to keep in touch with you, either via Twitter or G+..

      1. Facebook is a badly designed system with one goal: to keep people within Facebook. And to gather all people’s private data. 🙂

        I like Twitter because it is focused and easy to use. I didn’t yet try G+.

        But, here’s a quick fact: It is 2013 and I never used Facebook in my life (OK, I have to admit, I once used FB for half an hour… and then signed-out and left it; I simply didn’t like what I saw!). So, I don’t use Facebook and I am alive and kicking! This means, one can easily live without FB!

        For me, Twitter, e-mail, and my personal blog, are enough…

  4. Congrats, Doncho! A brave and wise decision! 🙂

    You made my next 24 weeks, too!

    I still haven’t joined Facebook (and think I won’t do it in the future). As means of communication I use Twitter, e-mail, I have a blog, and I think this is enough… I consider the idea to join Google+ but I am still a bit un-sure about it.

    Congrats again! A system that is not working OK, we should boycott it. And to be banned from FB for posting a picture of… muffins?? WTF?

    Btw, your WP comment form looks much nicer than the FB one! ;-)))

  5. Струва ми се че много навътре си го приел. 🙂 Има всякакви хора… голяма работа да се обиждат…

        1. Stil, that has nothing to do with being private, public etc.
          My problem came from the fact that it was banned. Anyone could/should report stuff, which they think is offending.
          It’s up to us to agree or disagree with that, or with the follow-up actions.
          If one day I continue with Facebook, I won’t change my sole rule: always post Public, unless something Friends-only specific.

  6. И аз се присъединявам към вопъла на Живко, но реакцията ти е логична. Този, който не е разбрал хумора е странен/на индивид/ка – грешката не е в теб.
    Наслади се на живота без ФБ. Обаче постингите и снимките ти ще липсват..

    1. Надя, само след три дни на никой няма да липсват, гарантирам ти 🙂

    2. I don’t get it. Why one cannot post pictures and posts in his own blog???

      Do we really need Facebook for that?

      I remember, in the past, to be able to publish your thoughts, photos and interesting links, one needed only a personal blog. And we still have personal blogs in 2013. There’s also Twitter where we can share quick links and wise short thoughts (under 140-characters in length).

      So, really… do we need Facebook? How come we were living without FB in the past? I think we were fine without Facebook, and we had more free time — free time to think, read, or even write…

      I think one day people will realize they don’t need Facebook. It will be a great day. And then POUF! Facebook will be gone in 60 seconds… all along with its stupid censorship rules and virtual farming games and “share this image to find 20 amazing friends in under 13 days”… 🙂

      @Doncho: As someone who was using FB for so long… What is so amazing about FB so that people use it so much? Also, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts in a few weeks or months from now… how is life without FB. 🙂

      1. facebook is the best feed aggregator ever. You like the pages of companies and products you are interested in and follow the people who are interesting to you. Normally in IT where influential people have blogs you can do this with RSS but facebook is still better because it aggregates information from all your contacts many of which are not technical. For example you cannot subscribe to an RSS feed that tells you when someone got married.

  7. Ами честито!
    Пожелавам ти едно отрезвяващо преживяване … знаеш ми мнението, че отделяш прекалено много време на тия социализъми за сметка на доброто старо лично общуване ( не бе, не ревнувам ) … с удоволствие ще те преслушам след седмица да споделиш какво си направил в освободеното от ФБ време 🙂

    P.S. това не го пиша за теб, а за останалите които ще прочетат, дано схванат идеята

  8. Сега чета новина, че и на ББ са отрязали новосъздадения профил :). Комунетата не спят и са си активизирали ръчните дронове да цъкат на Report profile (или както там се казва). Иначе поздравления за решението, аз моя профил си го деактивирах временно преди 2 години и още не чувствам нужда да го активирам. 🙂

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