Rachel’s Wish: one year later

Less than one year ago I red (in the social media) about the birthday wish of a 9 years old Rachel. She wanted to raise $300 in order to help 15 Ethiopian villagers to get access to clean water. She raised only $220 tough, and then she decided she’ll do better next year.

Unfortunately, few days after that she died in a terrible car accident.

The world, however, responded. Rachel’s last birthday wish got around the world and she, postmortem, collected more than $1.2mln for charity:water. I also gave my modest contribution at that time, so I started receiving occasional mail from charity:water about their campaigns and updates.

A week or two ago was the first year anniversary since Rachel’s death. Here’s the video about Rachel’s gift. A video, which charity:water prepared, to see what and how Rachel touched thousands of lives:

And the next time, when you think that the social media is just gibberish talk and waste of time, think again. Even if it was for this only, it would worth it!

I should also remember this story the next time, when I complain about my <whatever> battery going down. It’s educating! Because we do accept the water as a given.

Rest in peace, little Rachel.

This post uses the image from charity:water Mission Statement.

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