It really was that easy. WordPress, although it’s getting bigger, it easier and easier to handle and manage. Almost like if Apple was making it <put_scary_face_here>.

Other than that… nothing exciting these days. My real work/life and virtual work/hobby affairs keep me away from blogging. Plus, the recent events in my country, people’s reaction and my take on it make me feel that “I’m getting too old for this shit”.

For example, few years ago I’d most probably be part of the virtual (and maybe real) protests against the new Forestry Act. Nowadays, not only that I am not part of them, but I also disapprove the way these are organized and handled. And seeing my friends’ reaction (in Facebook, since it became the virtual playground for all of us) on my opinion… I can’t really figure it out.

But after all, it does not matter. A friend of mine once qouted: “Better be a miserable human, than a pleased pig”. Right now I feel more like the pig… But that’s my opinion and connected with all the rest around me, I do think I have my reasons!

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