Blog upgrade to 2.0.6 and some neat stuff too

Yesterday I devoted some time to the blog. It was running 2.0.4 for a long time, and 2.0.6 was already out. Also I found SNAP Preview Anywhere service, which I liked and decided to integrate in the blog. WordPress.Com guys liked it, so what the hell, it worths a try!

SNAP integration went very smooth using the SNAP Preview Anywhere plugin. In not more than 3 minutes I had finished the job. It’s a bit stupid to show you previews of your internal links, so I switched that off. I wonder why the author does not switch that off by default, but it’s his choice anyway.

After the plugin installation, I went for the more risky task, i.e. upgrading my WordPress to 2.0.6. I say “risky”, but after all it went smooth: backup site, backup DB, switch off plugins (remember the ones, which were ON first), copy 2.0.6 files over, enable plugins, perform the upgrade, done.

After the upgrade was ready, I saw that my site’s Cyrillic was broken again. No wonder, this nasty MySQL bug bites again! I had to search through my postings to find the note to myself, which I left at the times when I upgraded my blog. Interesting, the posting was precisely at the times when I upgraded to 2.0.4. No wonder :). After injecting that code, everything ran fine.

Later on, after I loaded my Akismet, I “discovered” that I’ve overwritten my Akismet customizations from two weeks above. Using my own instructions, I was able to restore them without any problem. But if you’re lazy and do not want to follow all the steps, I will put this two updated files:

* Akismet (as it comes in WordPress 2.0.6) with the DHTML modification only, which allows you to have moderation comments “shrink”, but still displays 50 comments per Akismet page
* Akismet (as it comes in WordPress 2.0.6) with the DHTML modification and the 500 commments per moderation page change. This is the one I use, because when the comments are shrink, the more you see – the better.

Hm, maybe I should follow Yovko’s advice and write to the Akismet guys… some day?

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