WordPress 1.5. Posting Shortcuts

Just Great! I’m using WordPress for more than a year, and today I’ve found that it has nifty keyboard shortcuts, which can be used to enter fast text effects, while you write your posts. Unfortunately, it does not work for the comments area (strange, but I can understand), but I hope that with slide code addition it can be made to work there as well.

Here I am making a checked copy of all the shortcuts. It seems the original WordPress Reference page for Quicktags is outdated for 1.5: I had to check all the shortcuts and update the table.
I am doing this mostly for my own pleasure and convenience, but also for all friends, who read here. If you need to link to this page, which contains only the shortcuts (well, and some blah-blah talking too) – do not hesitate :).

Quicktag Button Meaning HTML Inserted Shortcut
B bold <strong> alt-b
i italic <em> alt-i
deleted strikethrough <del> alt-d
inserted inserted <ins> alt-s
code code block <code> alt-c
ordered list opens/closes ordered list <ol> alt-n
unordered list opens/closes unordered list <ul> alt-u
<li> listitem <li> alt-l (lower case "L")
b-quote block quote <blockquote> alt-q
image image tag (no toggle) <img src="(source of image)" alt="(alternate text)"> alt-m
link link tag <a href="(URL)">(link text)</a> alt-a
more more meta-tag <!–more–> alt-t
page next page meta tag <!–nextpage–> alt-p

Nice! Although I’m most frequently using the integrated in WordPress Markdown plugin for better and more intuitive text entry, I think these shortcuts will return part of my loyality to the original WordPress markup.

Unfortunately, under IE the priority is for the IE’s menu, which makes one-two of the shortcust unusable. However, in such case you know what to do…

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