The Friendly Name

This is about one funny and in the same way – interesting thing, which I observed today. I had some trouble with the access to my family’s bank account, which is open and handled by Bulgairan First Investment Bank. I have a working certicicate, which is quite fine when I’m accessing from my home, but our corporate network seems to spoil something, and I cannot check my accounts from it.

However – that’s not the thing, which this post is for. Before telling you “the thing”, I want to tell you the story about these two sysadmins, who were talking one to each other about the security threats and in the same time – about their pets. So the one sysadmin said:

> – You know, bro, it’s not at all a good idea to put for password one of your pet’s names!
> But the other sysadmin replied:
> – Why?! What’s your problem with the password "dr092MNZy" ?!

The Friendly Name

If you get the joke, then you might understand what follows. Today, as I said, the network would not let me in. I was receiving strange behavior – it seems that the certificate was sometimes working, and sometimes not. I wanted to check the certificate, and opened it to see what’s going on. I was really frustrated to see the certificate’s “friendly” name. Take a look at the picture. And remember the story from above…

It seems either the certificate’s Friendly name was somehow damaged during these many export/import among different browsers (IE, Firefox mostly), either First Investment Bank has really strange idea about what "Friendly name" means…

3 thoughts on “The Friendly Name

  1. It looks like Fiefox has a problem spliting the values in the information fields of the certificate. Take a look the certificate and if it is OK I would report a bug.

  2. Peio, it’s perfectly OK.
    Actually yes – that certificate’s history was:
    – generated in IE (because FIB does not support certificate renewal with other browsers yet);
    – exported from IE for backup purposes and for import in Firefox;
    – and now – imported in another IE, which shows the problem, stated above.

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