It’s Movember again

My last Movember’s post was in Bulgarian. Now it’s English’s turn.

And so, it’s Movember again. The month, when men are growing (silly, in my case) mustache, in order to provoke and explain.

Today I’m starting a new Movember’2014. Despite the extreme success my previous  mustache had, I wanted to try a different one this year. I made some research, first I thought about the mustache of one of my favorite artists ever, but I did not want to grow something, which some not careful enough idiots could consider the style of a very, very different historic figure.

So I might just let it go, as I’m not that patient and/or careful to make it the best 15 mustaches chart anyway.

Movember 1st 2014The most important thing here is the thing, which Movember is all about. Being silly is one thing, being informative is completely different one. Movember is about awareness. Awareness of the cancer danger, which is upon us. Daily. Hourly. Cancer does not come only to the ones, who live unhealthy lives. As a matter of fact, the scientists still cannot identify why cancer comes to our lives and what’re the main factors, which make our bodies go into suicidal mode. There’re plenty of dependencies (i.e., smoking [both active and passive], radiation, stress), but none of these is 100% scientifically confirmed (or at least I have not seen such study) to be 100% cancerogenic, i.e. “you take a pill of this and you get cancer in a month”.

That’s why we must be aware. And do our homework. Large part of the homework is to go and get checked.

You think that small thingy under your skin is just ball of fat? Go get it checked. You think that the occasional sharp pain in the knee is just because of the weather? Go get it checked. And don’t just wait to feel something, before you go and do your prophylactic checks. These are to be done at least once per year, and not to be neglected.

If you have it in the family (as I, unfortunately do), learn as much as possible about it and decide when you start your more regular checks (let’s say, twice per year).

And the most important thing: do not fear the medical checks! Any cancer incident is 100% curable, if it’s caught on time.

Here’re some very high risk cancers, but very easy to get caught and cured, if you act on time:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovaries cancer
  • … (and many more)

So that’s all about what Movember is. Not [just] the silliness of a [crappy] mustache.

Here’s me on Movember 1st 2014. Let’s see what’ll happen a month from now :).