WordPress – a work of art!

This posting is inspired by my admiration from the WordPress – maybe the nicest blog I’ve seen for all my current web experience.
WordPress was suggested to me by Yovko Lambrev, or by he’s blog (to be exact).
Althou WordPress is one very nice tool, I had severe problems with Cyrillic support in it. I preffer to write in cyrillic when I write in my native Bulgarian language, so I had to find a solution to my problem. I started to google and I immediately found the following article: WordPress Support » Design » Cyrillic in WordPress.
I decided that this is my solution. However, I did not started with it, because I had other things to do. I decided to leave this for today.
Meanwhile, I had a talk with Yovko, who mentioned to me that the guy, who suggested him (and me) WordPress has applied some cyrillic support patch. But, unfortunately, Yovko was not online today, and I could not receive that patched version.
On the other hand, I’m a programmer myself. I felt shame for me waiting to use some other’s work, and I decided to apply all the necessary actions myself. I did it – and here is the result – WordPress with nice, working cp1251 codepage.
For anyone interested: I’ve uploaded the following files:

Thanks again to Yukki Pospel for making this research, and to Anton for writting this article.

7 thoughts on “WordPress – a work of art!

  1. Sorry for saying that, but I lost the patch when my provider trashed my whole site down (the only thing, which remained, was the database, which by miracle saved all my articles).

    I can check later if I can restore that from my archives, but that won’t happen before a week (I’m overloaded with work now), and also I cannot guarantee (the probability is quite low) that I will find the patch from my archives.

    Can’t you do it yourself?

    BTW, all newest WP versions should ran Unicode without a problem, why don’t you give it a shot?

  2. i would like to make it myself if i would know how to do it
    wp works fine with characters but when i back up and restore database(cpanel) it changes couple of characters to ??, and when i do it through phpmyadmin it changes everything to ??? ? ?? ? ????? (not english, just cirillic)

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